Yahoo begins testing search partnership with Google

Now that Yahoo and Microsoft are not exclusive anymore -- when it comes to search, that is -- they can both work with other companies. In fact, according toThe New York Times, Mayer and her team have already started testing Google search ads in a small number of desktop and mobile queries. It was first discovered by SEOBook's Aaron Wall, who alternately saw Yahoo results with Bing ads and ones with Google ads when he used different browsers. Both of them have confirmed the arrangement to NYT but wouldn't discuss the partnership in detail. "As we work to create the absolute best experiences for Yahoo users, from time to time, we run small tests with a variety of partners including search providers," was all the company said.
Friday, 3 July 2015

​Fukushima nuclear reactor will get mapped with subatomic particles

Scientists from Los Alamos National Lab have discovered how to look through and map just about anything with a new process: the science-fictionally sounding muon tomography. Even in places like the highly radioactiveFukushima reactor, the method doesn't require any disassembly or any need for x-rays or ultrasound. Instead it logs the movement of muons (of course), a radioactive subatomic particle that exists, well, everywhere. Two giant aluminum sides are put either side of whatever needs looking into, and the system measures the trajectory of these muon particles. From this, the scientists are able sketch the object, given enough of the tiny things.
Thursday, 2 July 2015

Xiaomi sales hit record high but miss ambitious target

Xiaomi has announced that it sold 34.7 million smartphones in the first half of 2015. Since it's already July, though, it's safe to say that the company will have to think of something exceptional to reach its target number for the year: CEO Lei Jun proclaimed long ago that he and his team aim to sell 100 million phones. Still, 34.7 million is quite impressive, seeing as it represents phones sold to customers and not devices "shipped" to retailers -- not to mention, there's been a shipment decline in China recently. It's also still 33 percent more than what the company sold within the same period last year.

Boba Fett might buy this life-saving wearable, but we wouldn't

Kingii claims to be a smaller, more wearable piece of kit that could save your life in the water - at the price of looking a bit silly.

It straps on like a wristband and is powered by a CO2 cartridge (conveniently Kingii caution against using non-own-branded cartridges). It's a glorified, personal floatation device, designed for use in places like the sea, rivers, and lakes where you may be at risk from drowning - probably won't be much use in the bath though.

The wrist strap format should appeal to anyone who hates the idea of a fluorescent life jacket, however it doesn't look the most comfortable of straps and will no doubt give you a wicked tan line judging by the promo pictures on the Indigogo page.

The device has already surpassed the original funding requirement by over 600%, which shows there's certainly a thirst for this.

That's all fine providing you can remember to wear it, have it all charged with a fresh canister, aren't unconscious when you fall into the water, and remember to press the button to activate it. If you do, it might just save your life.

And when you're not at the beach you can walk about pretending you're Boba Fett. This thing pays for itself.


Download Coursera for Android

with Coursera Education is free,Coursera connects students and professionals and lifelong
you can with app learners everywhere
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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Xbox one to getting a new update in control

You just Asked for users xbox
gamer to go through the hassle of updating thier xbox One gamepads in March
yet there's word on Neo GAF that the next Patxh
currently in testing -- will once again bundle "new controller firmware." Yes, the (hopefully optional) code should fix connection and headset quality issues that are even more of a pain, but it's doubtful that Xbox owners will relish plugging in peripherals a second time to get reliability that should have been present on day one
users can take comfort in new system features added to the list of coming updates


Download Crescendo Launcher for Andriod

Now You Can Download this App For Free
Name : Crescendo Launcher
For Andriod
first up this a week is a very minimal launcher called Crescendo Launcher
with this app
you can do all ofthe things you normally do you but don't have any complicated home Screens to Customize or worry about
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Friday, 4 April 2014

HTC One Max users will reach them android 4.2.2

version of HTC has treat soon
said official Spokesman of HTC executive director of product managerment Mo versi Android 4.2.2 and Sense 5.5 have received appoval and will be Making their way to user HTC One Max
Staring Next Monday
We don't have any sort of official Change log
We are  waiting will Next Monday

Microsoft's Surface Pro2 controller and Games

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Geek
Bundle includes free xbox controller and games
if you have considered the surface pro 2 to be more than just a portable workstation then microsoft's latest tablet bundle might pique your interest 
you can pushed live a new gaming deal on its virtual store in the US
But Canada that throws in 105$ worth of free game and accessorise for 899$
the Price of the base 64GB Surface Pro 2
you can watch a Review
Microsoft Surface Pro 2

Facebook Messenger gets a new update

a new Update in Facebook Messenger
update is rolling out today bringing several new features to the tabel including the ability to create group for those you message the most
forwarding of messages or photos to other contacts and much more
probably the biggest change is that you can now make free calls over Wi-fi
the update is available now directly through
Google play
While facebook Messenger isn't exactly the best messaging platform around by any means


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